NEST Program at Tadoba

Experience the Tiger Capital of Central India like never before!

The Nature and Ecological Science Training Program

is a 5 night, 6 day workshop conducted by RewildEd at the Svasara Jungle Lodge in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.


We are proud to announce that Tadoba is the next Rewild Education laboratory! Through this program, we intend to have meaningful interactions with people who wish to learn more about the landscape and become active participants in its conservation, and also start conservation projects that cater to the needs of wildlife and indigenous people while creating awareness about corridors and just conservation practices.

About NEST

The NEST Program aims to help people connect to the wild while imparting basic ecological and environmental knowledge, to people from all walks of life. While most citizens are concerned about the environment, most are unfamiliar with natural history and how to contribute to conserving the wild. At the same time, connecting with nature is healing and has multiple benefits, and through this program we hope to connect people to their environment, through safaris, guided walks, and lectures on flora and fauna, conservation issues, and more.

About Tadoba

The dry deciduous Sal and Bamboo forests interspersed with Teak and Ghost Trees make Tadoba a unique habitat for tigers and other denizens of the forests. Sharing space with leopards, Sloth bears, Dhole, and Gaur, are the Gond tribes, who have ruled this region for centuries and continue to be an important stakeholder in the preservation of wildlife in the region.


The bamboo forests are known for their gregarious flowering, which sustains multiple species of ungulates, birds and insects, and which also have the potential to change administrative boundaries. This makes the interactions between different biodiversity and socio-political systems even more complex. With a buffer zone as densely populated with wildlife as the core area of the Park, the interactions between wildlife and humans are fraught with multiple challenges.


Its location at the southern-most region of the Central Indian Tiger Landscape, makes Tadoba an important Tiger Reserve, which maintains connectivity between the densely forested areas of Chhattisgarh and Telangana (which have a lot of potential for tiger conservation).

Who Should Join?

This program is for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and anyone who wants to understand nature and its mysteries, and find ways to appreciate and conserve nature in your day-to-day life! No science/biology background is required.


Through this program you will learn how to identify different species and their signs in the wild, learn about wildlife behaviour and the myriad conservation issues in India, how you can contribute, and much more!

Check out the Svasara Jungle Lodge, our NEST partners and the venue of the program!

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