Wilderness Training Program at The Vanghat Lodge, Corbett

The Wildlife Research, Nature Conservation Leadership and Sustainability Training Program

 is a 6-day course carried out by RewildEd and the Vanghat Lodge, Corbett, on the banks of the Ramganga river.

Learn to see the natural world with new eyes and a fresh perspective!

We believe that the natural world has unfathomable beauty. The Wilderness Program aims to impart basic knowledge of wildlife and conservation backed by scientific theories explained by trained professionals. It’s only when you know what you’re looking at that you can fully appreciate each organism and its place in the natural world!

Our program aims to help you see nature with new eyes, as you unwind far from the hustle of city life amidst the Sal forests.

Learn aspects of natural history, ecology, and sustainable tourism through a combination of classroom lectures and guided forest walks.

About the Program

  • Our program covers aspects of wildlife research, conservation, natural history, sustainability, forest laws in India, animal behaviour, birdwatching, and more!
  • Every participant has a different starting point – so the modules are tailored to start from the very basics and move to more advanced topics.
  • We combine classroom and field learning – lectures give the context for learning outdoors!
  • We tailor our programs to our participants’ interests, allowing for personalised learning.
  • Interact with members of the forest department and local communities, to better understand the issues of managing, conserving, and living alongside wildlife.

Who Should Join?

  • People who are fascinated by nature and want to understand it better.
  • People who want a career in wildlife and conservation, but don’t know where to start.
  • Professionals from diverse backgrounds – whether commerce or law, philosophy or art – who want to mainstream biodiversity conservation and sustainability into their work.
  • Anyone over the age of 13 who is interested in walking on the banks of the Ramganga, watching tigers and elephants on foot, or dipping in the pools of the river while enjoying the birdsongs.

Snapshots from Autumn 2021 Wilderness

Check out the Vanghat Lodge, our Wilderness partners, and the venue of the program!

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