Book Suggestions


Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

A beautiful book that weaves Native American knowledge of ecology and the environment with scientific perspectives – often pointing out where modern science fails us as we struggle to live sustainably with Nature. The book is filled with life lessons on living life more gently, and giving as much as we take.

Wildlife India @ 50 takes you through a journey of Indian conservation and Wildlife with articles written by retired and serving Indian Forest Service officers and Environmentalists. Chapters on Wildlife Protection Act, Hunting and Periyar TRs eco-tourism models are a must for any wildife enthusiast. A selective reading is suggested. 


A wonderful collection of essays on the work done by NCF India over the years. What strikes me most about this beautifully-written book is how the authors don’t shy away from also talking about the failures; the not-so-big successes and the unintended side effects of their work. Conservation is unpredictable; a process and not an end point, and we WILL fail again and again – success is when you get back up and try again.

Hearing from these scientists, many of whom we heard of and looked up to during our studies, and reading an unsanitised version of their work – with both the good and the bad – is very reassuring and inspiring.


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